Monday, November 21, 2011

2011....where'd it go?

Hello again! So its been a while since I've "checked-in". The fall was crazy for me. I had some major life changes which landed me in Fayetteville, AR! I am happy to say I absolutely love this town and have found an opportunity to earn a little money with one of my passions, dog training.

I still get to do a few massages now and again but am not interested, at this time, in pursuing it as a full time "job" anymore. The downturned economy and my lack of knowledge and interest in marketing (for new and existing clients) led me to no longer enjoy being a massage therapist full time.

Am I done? NO WAY!

I've really enjoyed working with my new informal clients. Informal implies I'm not getting paid and you're right to assume that. Yes, they do give me a little money here and there, but I don't really ask for it. I'm asking the universe to bring me situations that will revitalize my passion for outcome based massage.

Already, I've worked with a client who carries a media camera around all day , another client who had a motorcycle accident and a third who tore a portion of her right rhomboid seven years ago.
Of course, there's always my sweet husband who has so many issues he alone would keep me busy! Let's see: levator scapula, trapezius, pretty much all the hip rotators, psoas dysfunction amd the list goes on. He's a maintenance man for a small apartment complex so he's constantly misusing his body.

I've gotten a few massages locally and, although they are very skilled, they're not exactly what I'm looking for.
One of them actually mentioned working with me to get me ready to take the MBLEx.

So Thanksgiving is in a few days and its sort of triggered me to look at my life and really take stock of where I am and where I find joy.
I'll post that another time. I'm still trying to find my balance!

'Till then,
yours truly

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What makes my work unique

While working on a client with a history of a broken neck who had overexerted himself and was now in pain, he asked "Do all your clients get this much value for their money?"

"Yes" was my response.
This lead to a conversation about WHY my clients keep coming back and WHAT exactly I do.
I don't really do the spa massage. Swedish style is incorporated but it's only used as a warm up or cool down of the muscles and mind.

My primary focus is what I refer to as Injury Rehabilitation. Now, my definition of an injury varies a bit from what you or your doctor may refer to as an injury. To me, it's everything from being in a car accident, being pre or post surgery, waking up with a sore neck and reduced range of motion (not being able to turn your head) as well as pain from repetitive misuse (sitting at a desk and developing overly tight hamstrings and hips that feed into low back pain).
All of these scenarios have muscles that are in a state of Dysfunction. THAT's what I think of when I think Injury. Muscle Dysfunction.

You've somehow injured your body and I work with you to find WHERE your muscles need help.

My passion is to work with those "injured" clients and help them move out of pain! I love getting the muscles to relax to the point where I can find the individual portions of the muscles that are trapped in a state of dysfunction.

Now, I also tell my clients that, although I may instruct them to come nearly every week for a period of time, my goal to get them out of pain and into a maintenance massage schedule. For some clients that's once a month, twice a month or even once every 6-8 weeks. The interval that works best for you will be determined by you.

My client made a point that THIS attention to detail, understaning of the anatomy and physiology of the body and ability to find and help problem areas really makes me unique. Sure, I can do relaxation massage. But it doesn't bring me joy.

I Love it when a client comes in with reduced range of motion and pain and walks out 70-100% better after just one session!
Now, I do not claim to "heal" people. I do not claim that my massage sessions will hold at that rate for more than a couple of days. What I DO claim is that, working with you, we will find a way through massage as well as other techniques I feel will benefit your overall wellbeing will allow you to live a more pain free and balanced life.

THAT's what makes me unique.

What to expect.

under construction

Thursday, March 17, 2011

updating my website

Hi there,
So I've finally taken the plunge and have taken control of my website! muaahahaaa!! ok, so it's not that dramatic, but after years of ignoring the potential of my presence on the world wide web, I've decided to update my information.

On the updated site ( you will find paypal buttons to pay for your appointments as well as a button that will take you directly to the online calendar!

Also, please note that at the bottom of each page is a "like" button. For those of you who are members of the FACEBOOK community, please take a second to like my website. Maybe, juuust maybe it'll be yet another successful tool in attracting new clients and encouraging existing clients who have not been in for a while to schedule a new appointment with me!

So I hope your spring is starting off beautifully. The daffodils are blooming, the birds are chirping, the days are warmer and longer and I'm more focused every day on developing new skills for your benefit!
see you around the office!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

learning experience.

Hi again.
One of my lovely clients informed me that if you already have a paypal account, you can pay for your appointment without accessing THIS site.

When you're on paypay, go to the send money tab and enter my email address. Enter the cost of your session and send it on its way! WHO KNEW!??

Well, She knew. And now i'm sharing with you.

I hope you're all enjoying the start of our 2011.

How's it going with your declutter? I cleaned out and organized under my kitchen sink, replaced the light fixture in my dining room to one that doesn't hit Shane's head as he walks under and consolidated SEVERAL boxes. I'll keep you posted (as if it really matters) as I progress the simplification of my house and office.

See you soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy new year!

So this is starting out to be a great year!! I know we just got into it, but I've already set my sights on a simpler more beautiful year! I'm planning on decluttering my home as well as the office. Being more attentive to the little miracles around me and, in general, being grateful for the things I DO have instead of the things I want.

Now, that doesn't mean I won't be; working hard to become a better therapist, reaching new clients and reconnecting with clients that I have lost touch with. It just means I'm trying to not sweat it if I; don't get to take a class, miss the phone call of a potential new client or don't hear from one of my clients for a long time.

Everyone has their path. It may not cross mine.

What are your plans for this year?