Tuesday, January 11, 2011

learning experience.

Hi again.
One of my lovely clients informed me that if you already have a paypal account, you can pay for your appointment without accessing THIS site.

When you're on paypay, go to the send money tab and enter my email address. Enter the cost of your session and send it on its way! WHO KNEW!??

Well, She knew. And now i'm sharing with you.

I hope you're all enjoying the start of our 2011.

How's it going with your declutter? I cleaned out and organized under my kitchen sink, replaced the light fixture in my dining room to one that doesn't hit Shane's head as he walks under and consolidated SEVERAL boxes. I'll keep you posted (as if it really matters) as I progress the simplification of my house and office.

See you soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy new year!

So this is starting out to be a great year!! I know we just got into it, but I've already set my sights on a simpler more beautiful year! I'm planning on decluttering my home as well as the office. Being more attentive to the little miracles around me and, in general, being grateful for the things I DO have instead of the things I want.

Now, that doesn't mean I won't be; working hard to become a better therapist, reaching new clients and reconnecting with clients that I have lost touch with. It just means I'm trying to not sweat it if I; don't get to take a class, miss the phone call of a potential new client or don't hear from one of my clients for a long time.

Everyone has their path. It may not cross mine.

What are your plans for this year?