Monday, November 21, 2011

2011....where'd it go?

Hello again! So its been a while since I've "checked-in". The fall was crazy for me. I had some major life changes which landed me in Fayetteville, AR! I am happy to say I absolutely love this town and have found an opportunity to earn a little money with one of my passions, dog training.

I still get to do a few massages now and again but am not interested, at this time, in pursuing it as a full time "job" anymore. The downturned economy and my lack of knowledge and interest in marketing (for new and existing clients) led me to no longer enjoy being a massage therapist full time.

Am I done? NO WAY!

I've really enjoyed working with my new informal clients. Informal implies I'm not getting paid and you're right to assume that. Yes, they do give me a little money here and there, but I don't really ask for it. I'm asking the universe to bring me situations that will revitalize my passion for outcome based massage.

Already, I've worked with a client who carries a media camera around all day , another client who had a motorcycle accident and a third who tore a portion of her right rhomboid seven years ago.
Of course, there's always my sweet husband who has so many issues he alone would keep me busy! Let's see: levator scapula, trapezius, pretty much all the hip rotators, psoas dysfunction amd the list goes on. He's a maintenance man for a small apartment complex so he's constantly misusing his body.

I've gotten a few massages locally and, although they are very skilled, they're not exactly what I'm looking for.
One of them actually mentioned working with me to get me ready to take the MBLEx.

So Thanksgiving is in a few days and its sort of triggered me to look at my life and really take stock of where I am and where I find joy.
I'll post that another time. I'm still trying to find my balance!

'Till then,
yours truly

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