Wednesday, February 26, 2014

lost and found.

So, the other week I ran into McDonalds for breakfast. Hey, don't knock the egg mcmuffin my friend. It's good, fast, and inexpensive! 
But I digress.  I ran in and ordered. While waiting, the young man asked if I was having a good morning. I said I was and that I was between clients. Of course this raised the question of "what type of clients?".  At that point in time, I was between dog training clients. As luck has it, this young man mentioned his dog and some of the problems he was having with it.  I gave him my number and told him to send me a message so I could give him some links to helpful techniques. 
Now, right about now you're scratching your head wondering if this post is on the wrong page. No, it's not. I'm also a dog trainer. 
You're also wondering what the heck this has to do with massage....I'm getting to it.  Keep reading.

So, I went about my day and happily received a text message from him. I sent him the links and that was pretty much it. 

Well, today I ran into the same McD's needing food AND hoping to run into this nice young man. TaDAAH! There he was, in all his friendly glory. Truly...he was a pleasure to interact with. Intelligent, engaging...not McD' material if you ask me. MUCH more awaits this kid. Again, I am distracted.  point..point...what's my point?
Well, he mentioned that he had lost my contact information but found me online. He looked up my name and found my blog.

"I have a blog??" I asked? 
And then it hit me. 

I have a blog.

When I finally made it home I googled myself.  And lo and behold...There I am on Google. 

My somewhat forgotten/lost blog. 
And now, my found blog.

So,. what do I do with this blog? In the past I'd say "not much".  But now, I think I will try a little experiment.  I'm going to write in my blog every week.  Even if it's a synopsis of my activities for the week I would like to see how blogging affects my life.

This site was originally created as my massage therapy blog. I think it would be fair to have blogs for dog training as well considering my goal is to have a 50/50 split of activities in my life.

SO...Thank you to the awesome guy at McD's for reminding me of my blog. 
And thanks to the universe for sending me to eat a yummy egg mcmuffin that day!

More to come!

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